Useless Quit Smoking Products

The evidence suggests that anybody who uses nicotine replacement products to quit smoking cigarettes were just as likely to start again as those who just quit cold turkey. Anybody using smoking patches or nicotine gum may want to consider another plan. The results show that this type of aid to help quit smoking have little effect in preventing smokers from relapsing in real life conditions.


A reported third of a test group of almost eight hundred people returned to smoking within two years of quitting. There was no significant difference between those who used aids to quit smoking such as patches or gum and those who did not. Not even sprays or inhalers had any sort of significant difference in statistics.


The original trial statistics before the type of product was given the okay from the FDA in the nineteen nineties showed that users of the products were three rimes more likely to beat the addiction. These were a matter of a few random trials done on a volunteer clinical basis. The results show differently in real life application trials. The studies indicate that the aids provide little to no help and often cause relapses to be more likely than in those who just quit cold turkey.


The researchers believe that the failure rate to be a result of patients believing that the aids are a way to quit with little to no effort. Once they realize that it is not a magic cure the lose hope and give up their efforts to quit. This often leads to heavier smoking than ever.


The study shows that more than one and a half billion dollars are spent on stop smoking aids such as gums and patches. Most of that money comes from public health programs which are steadily beginning to see budget cuts. The support of nicotine replacement products should most likely be thoroughly reconsidered by these programs. The money would be better placed elsewhere. More effective would be putting the money into campaigns against smoking. The best way to keep a person from smoking is to keep them from trying it in the first place.