Addiction And Treatment Of Addiction

In the past, drug abuse only included illegal substances such as crack/cocaine and heroine.

Today, illegal drug addictions are still a problem. However, there is a growing number of people who are getting addicted to legal drugs such as vicodin, dexeterine, human growth hormone and Oxycodin. These type of drugs are very easily obtained. All one has to do is get a prescription from a physician and go to the local pharmacy.

That is why New Jersey is joining other states in helping doctors spot abusers and helping law enforcement officers stop people from dealing drugs.

Studies have shown that there are not more people abusing prescription drugs than there are abusing illegal drugs. It is very important for physicians to have the data necessary to avoid enabling drug addiction.

Drug recovery centers have many people that are addicted to prescription drugs. Another study by the University of Michigan showed that cough medicine, vicodin and adderall were some of the most commonly abused drugs by high school students.

People who repeatedly abuse drugs will need treatment of addiction. Drug treatment programs have helped many people get off both illegal and legal drugs. Addiction rehabilitation is hard, but people who successfully get through it will be able to live a drug free life.

New Jersey is trying to stop people from abusing prescription medications. That is why it is joining forces with the forty other states that have programs to track prescriptions. Both doctors and law enforcement offers have the things that they need to address the drug addiction problems.