Drinking Alcohol – Effects on Your Psychology

Many people around the world believes that alcoholic beverages are social lubricants and as stimulants. When you consume alcohol, you will free ad relax yourself from being shy and you will be able to interact and communicate socially with potential romantic partners or new friends.

But alcohol is a drug and a poison known to humanity. With this article you will learn on how this liquid will affect you both socially and emotionally, which will cause you to be reliant and dependent to alcohol effects. Aside from the causes of your social and emotional impairments such as low self-esteem, social awkwardness, anxiety, and stressful job, you will also have additional problems you need to deal – the serious impacts of alcohol to your psychological state. Alcohol can exacerbate the negative emotional and psychological feelings as well as magnifying them.

If you’re in a sound emotional being and then started drinking alcohol, you will be able to control your drinking. However, if you’re using alcoholic beverages in order to change emotional state, excessive drinking is a possibility for you to return to that same emotional state you are in.

Emotional Effects of Alcohol

The most recognized form of alcohol effects to the emotion of people is inhibitions reductions that they feel once they drink alcoholic beverages. This is true due to the fact that alcohol is considered as depressant, meaning that it begins to change the way you speak and act, and it’s these behaviors that cause some problems socially and emotionally to people.

Drunk individuals can put other people and themselves in dangerous situations through inappropriate or aggressive behavior. If you lack awareness, you will be in danger of sexual and physical violence. In Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom, researchers have revealed that most of the incidents of domestic violence (child and spouse abuse) is associated with excessive drinking.

Excessive drinking of alcoholic beverages also affects the brain’s chemical balance like serotonin production which is responsible for regulating moods resulting to depressive feelings, loss of focus and insomnia can result. Heavy drinking of alcoholic beverages can interfere in the brain’s chemical balance leading to mild depression symptoms such as insomnia, anxiety and sluggishness.

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Magnifying the Existing Emotions

Alcohol is comparable to a magnifier as if you’re depressed, the piqued will make people more depressed. This also happens to angry individuals who tend to become angrier as well as more violent when they drink alcohol.

Psychological Effects of Drinking

There are other problems that will likely to happen as the result of drinking excessive alcoholic beverages:

  • Dependence/Addiction – craving for alcoholic beverages can develop upon relying to it to divert your attention and mood swings due to life problems.
  • Psychiatric issues such as clinical depression, anxiety and/or dementia as well as impulse control ailments
  • Negative patterns and thoughts can also occur which will be exacerbated by alcohol reliance
  • Judgment is distorted

Anti social behavior and negative social and emotional relationships can also be the causes of consuming alcoholic beverages in excess.

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