Alcohol Consumption: The Types of Drinkers

There is a recent study conducted by the Department of Health in the United Kingdom showing the various reasons why some people drink alcoholic beverages to excess regularly.

The research has identified the main reasons why individuals drink and the kind of groups of drinkers. Drinking heavily is defined differently in men than in women on a weekly basis. Men tend to drink 50 units while women drink 35 units a week.

You will probably know where you belong in this group, or you may fit in different categories or to other reasons that are not included in the eight discussed below. But this will serve as a good guide for you if you want to know the reasons why you drink heavily.

Depressed Drinker

The life of this type of drinker is in jeopardy such as having money problems, recently divorced or bereaved. And people who are suffering from these maladies in life tend to seek comfort from alcohol as their way of coping and as self-medication.

Distress Drinker

Your life at home is stressful and your job pressures you which led you to feel burdened with the responsibility and not in control. And you seek relaxation, calm and unwinding with the help of alcohol. Partners will help each other by preparing their drinks in this behavior.

Re-bonding Drinker

Alcohol is used as shared connector unifying your friends and social circle. The alcohol amount and time is often forgotten.

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Conformist Drinker

In this type of drinker, people tend to go to bars or pubs making them their second home as they feel accepted and that they belong there.

Community Drinker

People who are community drinkers tend to drink in large groups of social friends. You will feel that the group you drink with the pub is the community you belong. Alcohol consumption provides you the feeling of security and safety and provides meaning to your life, as well as acting as the social network connecting you with friends.

Boredom Drinker

This is common to people who have recently divorced or in single mothers whose lifestyle is restricted. Drinking will be your companion the entire day. You will drink once you have done your chores or at the day’s end.

Macho Drinker

This happens to people who feel frustrated, disempowered and undervalued in essential areas of their lives. You’ve actively developed a strong identity as an alpha male revolving around the drinking prowess of the person. Your drinking of alcoholic beverages is being driven or pushed by your constant need of asserting status and masculinity to other people and to yourself.

Hedonistic Drinker

You are divorced, single or/and staying with your grown-up sons or daughters. Excessive drinking of alcoholic beverages is your way to visibly show your independence, youthfulness and freedom to yourself. You use to drink alcohol in order to release any of your inhibitions.

If you can identify yourself with these kinds of drinkers, it is best for you to contact the central office of AA in your locality. There you will find the help you need when it comes to your addiction.

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